EIC – Employee Interaction Centre


EIC – Employee Interaction Centre

The EIC helps to streamline the delivery of HR processes and services through a centralized delivery channel, based on a shared services model. Employees can contact the EIC at any time from anywhere to find answers to their most frequently asked questions, to update their HR data, to initiate new processes, or to obtain additional support for more complex HR inquiries. Interaction center agents working for the EIC accept and respond to incoming inquiries through multiple communication channels, therefore expanding the reach, flexibility, and convenience of service offerings to all employees.

Being a technical person with core ABAP skills initially struggled very much to get into BSP application. The total EIC application is based of BSP application with most of the processes changes dynamically at runtime.

The keys changes; rather it is better to say key things learnt is

  • how employee search is handled
  • how attachments are handled
  • how EIC screen can be enhanced with custom fields

The employee search has been modified as the PA was not configured in sync with EIC expectations. Here got to know most of the basic EIC flow and how the data handled.

As requirement came to upload the files from application server to the existing activities, came to know how the files are uploaded to content server and linked to the EIC activities.

The recent requirement was to add a custom field on the screen, which killed my most of the time but finally able to complete it.

I will briefly explain each process separately.


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