Kaleja – Missed to show Kaleja, but able to with stand with a smile

After a long break Mahesh came with this movie, with lots of colours and expectations to fans.

After my education this is the first movie I saw on the very first day and obviously first show @ Vinayaka Theatre, Marathahalli, Bangalore.

Positives of the movie are/is Mahesh himself, he came with an informative movie. If you watch it with heart; it will touch your heart, if you watch for records you will be depressed.

Highlights – Mahesh costumes, Anuskha’s  show(not sensible but you can have a eye feast), Comedy Part.

The story goes like this – A taxi driver in search of a family lands in rajasthan, suffers as usual by missing the path and for food. Meets Sunil who came for a documentary for Gemini TV and mahesh discloses his story, how he landed in rajasthan.

The another track shows a person(Shafi – Kadgam fame) would be in search of someone to save there villager’s life.

Both the tracks comes to an end before the first half ends…. The rest of the movie starts who shafi is? and his villager’s problem; how our hero goes for chasing it.

The moral of the film is –

Don’t live of your selfishness, live for others like a GOD and you can feel GOD in yourself.

The line I liked a lot is; The hero was a GOD in view of villagers and hero makes fun and would not believing it. The last statement from the Rao Ramesh(Gamyam’s fame) – “దేవుడా ఇది నీ దర్శనం నమ్మని వారికి నిదర్శనం”

Last line – Go and watch it for entertainment – see Mahesh in different look.

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